Common Truck Defects That Cause Deadly Wrecks

People blame truck drivers for all the accidents involving trucks, but has it ever occurred to you that the truck itself could be faulty hence causing the crash? Compared to other vehicles, trucks are complex and require regular maintenance. But what happens is, many truck companies try to cut the maintenance cost to yield more profits something that costs them a lot in the future. The bad driver habits together with the faulty trucks contribute to fatal truck accidents. In this article, we are going to discuss the common truck defects.

Brake Failure

Poor brake maintenance, defective brakes, and other brake related problems cause the most truck crashes. Research shows that more than 30% of truck accidents happen from brake related issues. Commercial trucks are enormous in size and weight which accelerates the brakes issue. It is not easy to stop an 80,000-pound truck even with the best brakes. If the brakes are not working correctly, it will be close to impossible to stop the speeding truck and hence the deadly clashes.

Tire Failures

Trucks have up to 18 wheels, and some people might think that since it has so many times, the failure of one does not cause immediate danger. What people do not understand is that commercial trucks need all their wheels running. A single faulty tire causes the truck to lose control. Imagine what happens when a 40 tons trucks is hovering on the highway.

Trucking companies should perform routine checks and tire maintenance to make sure that at no point will the trucks be operating with faulty tires. Due to the weight and long distance traveling, truck tires undergo a lot of wear and tear. Small companies or profit-minded companies will ignore this fact and try to save by not buying tires when need be, creating a deadly safety hazard.

Steering Defects

Tire and brake defects are on the top list of truck defects, but a steering equipment failure could be deadly as well. Any issues that mean that the truck is not steered in the right direction could be a cause of severe accidents. Some of the common steer problems include defective ball joints, bad shock absorbers, faulty steering wheel, and poor wheel alignment.

Missing or Defective Mirrors and Lights

Truck drivers use the mirrors and lights to see the road and vehicles around them. Regular vehicles require the mirrors and light as well, but truck drivers need them more because their body is enormous and they require full visibility. A single miss on the vehicles or the condition of the road and a lane change could mean many people hurt from truck defects. That said, it is important for trucking companies to check and maintain their trucks as required.