Air Canada flight makes emergency landing so 20 people can be treated for injuries caused by turbulence…


Emergency crews are beginning to treat roughly 20 aircraft passengers who suffered neck and back injuries due to turbulence while on a flight that has landed at Calgary International Airport.

Air Canada has confirmed that flight AC88, en route to Toronto from Shanghai, made an unscheduled landing in Calgary at about 3:15 p.m. today.

“While Air Canada can confirm that there were some injuries due to turbulence encountered en route requiring hospitalization for assessment, an exact number is not available at this time,” the airline said in a statement.

Carol Henke, spokeswoman for the fire department, said she has received reports that about 20 passengers were injured by turbulence. She was unaware of the extent of their injuries.

One passenger has so far been taken by stretcher from the terminal to an awaiting ambulance.

According to Air Canada, the plan was carrying 332 passengers and 19 crew members.

More to come…

Calgary Herald

30/12/2015 18:05  By: National Post