Air Canada jet lands in Calgary with injured passengers, fire crews on hand…


CALGARY — Air Canada says one of its jets has landed at Calgary International Airport with injured passengers on board.

Isabelle Arthur, a company spokeswoman, said some people were hurt by turbulence on the Boeing 777 that was en route from Shanghai to Toronto.

"While Air Canada can confirm that there were some injuries due to turbulence encountered en route requiring hospitalization for assessment, an exact number is not available at this time," Arthur wrote in an email Wednesday.

There was no official word on how many people were hurt or the severity of their injuries.

A Calgary Fire Department spokeswoman said they were told up to 20 people were injured.

Air Canada flight AC088 was carrying 332 passengers and 19 crew members.

Fire and other emergency crews were on hand when the plane landed.

At least three passengers were seen being loaded into ambulances.


30/12/2015 18:31  By: Metro News