B.C. woman critically injured by dog while defending three-year-old nephew…


RICHMOND, B.C. — RCMP say a woman is in critical condition after defending her three-year-old nephew during a vicious dog attack in Richmond, B.C.

Officers responded Wednesday afternoon to several calls about a 21-year-old woman covered in blood fending off a large Rottweiler-pitbull cross in an outdoor field. 

The toddler was unharmed, though his mother was taken to hospital.

RCMP say the boy’s aunt is undergoing surgery after suffering more than 100 bites to her body, a broken arm and a detached bicep.

Police say the animal belongs to her boyfriend.

The dog fled after being shot at by police but was captured uninjured and is being held at a Richmond animal shelter.

31/12/2015 16:01  By: Metro News