Fix My Drink: Make every drop count..

The year 2015 brought with it a few experiences made me think a lot about why we drink and what we hope to get out of it. For example, this fall I taught a series of cocktail classes in Toronto, and chatting with participants taught me about the concerns and aspirations people have when they make drinks. More recently, cutting down on my liquid intake for health reasons has forced me to focus carefully on what I consume.

Here’s the major takeaway for the year, which I hope will help us all drink better in 2016: If we prepare and consume our drinks slowly and with attention, we will drink less but enjoy it more. If that sounds simple and obvious, I promise the concrete experience of it makes for a more profound revelation than just the words. As pleasures go, intoxication’s got nothing on liquid meditation. So try it. You may have to shed some pound-it-back and refill-the-glass habits of youth (some of us do anyway). Here are three pointers that can help make every drop count, so you can enjoy beverages more while, ideally, drinking less.

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