Mining magnate Munk admits to donating more than legal limit to Conservatives


OTTAWA — Mining magnate and philanthropist Peter Munk has admitted he donated more than the legal limit to the Conservative party three different times.

Munk, the founder of mining giant Barrick Gold Corp., signed a compliance agreement with Elections Canada earlier this month, acknowledging that in 2008, 2010 and 2012 his donations exceeded the maximum allowable contributions.

In total, he donated $2,950 more than he was legally able to riding associations in Ontario and Quebec, two of which were represented by Conservative cabinet ministers.

While breaking election donation limits could lead to criminal charges, Munk will not be charged because he voluntarily signed the compliance agreement.

A spokesperson for Munk said the excess contributions were unintentional and Munk has acknowledged the oversight.

The compliance agreement was published online by the commissioner of Canada Elections on Thursday.


31/12/2015 17:31  By: Metro News