Snowboarder records glide through downtown Montreal…


A snowboarder wasted little time following Montreal’s first major snowfall of the season, hopping on his board shortly after 39 cm of snow fell on the city.

But instead of heading to the slopes, Joel Paredes hit Peel Street in the city’s downtown, gliding down a snowy sidewalk on his way home from work.

Paredes used a camera attached to a selfie stick to record the ride, which he later posted online.

"So I decided to snowboard home from work," Paredes wrote on Facebook. "You know I had to do it."

Since sharing the video on Wednesday, it’s been viewed more than 60,000 times on Facebook and 14,000 times on YouTube.  

Me Snowboarding in the city

So decided to Snowboard to home from work. You know I had to do it. #MTLCITYSNOWBOARDING #SNOWBOARDLIFE #Peelstreet #1stSnowstormoftheSeasonNo copyright infringement intended. This video and music is used for personal use

Posted by Joel Paredes on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

31/12/2015 11:26  By: CTVNews