Syrian refugee resettlement to Canada so far, by the numbers


Here is a look at the latest numbers on the Liberals’ Syrian refugee resettlement program.

25,000: Number of Syrian refugees the Liberal government committed to resettling by year’s end during the election campaign.

10,000: Revised number of Syrians the Liberals said they would resettle by Dec. 31., mostly privately sponsored.

6,064: Number of Syrians expected to have arrived in Canada as of Dec. 31.

3067: Number of privately sponsored Syrian refugees who had arrived in Canada as of Dec. 30. 

1,849: Number of government-assisted Syrian refugees who had arrived in Canada as of Dec. 30. 

21: Number of government-organized flights for refugees scheduled in the month of December.

15,000: Revised number of government-assisted Syrian refugees the Liberals said they will resettle by Mar. 1, 2016.

17,676: Total number of Syrians whose applications are in process as of Dec. 30. 

SOURCE: Immigration Department.


31/12/2015 16:31  By: Metro News