Three Air Canada passengers still in hospital after turbulent flight


CALGARY—Air Canada says three passengers remain in hospital in Calgary after they were injured on a flight from Shanghai to Toronto.

The Boeing 777 hit severe turbulence Wednesday and was diverted to Calgary.

Air Canada says 18 other people who were sent to hospital have been released.

The people who were hurt suffered injuries ranging from minor sprains to serious chest and neck trauma.

Air Canada says flight AC088 continued on to Toronto last night and all but a few remaining passengers were to fly out of Calgary today.

The Transportation Safety Board is reminding air passengers to wear their seatbelts following the incident.

The agency posted the warning on Twitter Thursday and followed it up with another tweet linked to a report about 16 passengers and crew being injured on an Air Canada flight in 2011.

In that case a Boeing 767 flying over the North Atlantic pitched up and down for 46 seconds as it dodged another aircraft.

The report notes that some passengers were not buckled up despite being briefed to wear their seatbelts, and that the seatbelt sign was on at the time.

The safety board investigation found that some passengers may not be aware of the inherent risks of not wearing a seatbelt at all times when seated.

The TSB is investigating Wednesday’s mishap.

31/12/2015 15:01  By: TORONTO STAR