Utility in New Brunswick says faulty wire near street light shocks man and dog…


SAINT JOHN, N.B. — The power utility in Saint John, N.B., says a heated underground wire connection near a downtown street light was responsible for an electrical shock sustained by a man and his dog on Monday.

Saint John Energy says heat damage to some insulation combined with wet and salty conditions is believed to have caused electrical tracking that reached an above ground metal plate cover near the streetlight.

Utility spokeswoman Jessica DeLong says the problem is believed to be due to a combination of aging infrastructure and the weather conditions.

The utility says it is carrying out additional inspections of its equipment in the area to ensure there are no other problems.

Saint John deputy fire chief Joe Armstrong says the man was walking his dog on Prince William Street when the animal let out a yelp at the same time his owner felt a slight tingle through one of his legs.

Armstrong says the man was taken to hospital to be checked out and was later released, while the dog didn’t appear to be seriously hurt.


30/12/2015 18:01  By: Metro News