Japanese emperor wishes for peace in New Year's public appearance.


TOKYO — Japan’s Emperor Akihito has expressed his hopes for world peace as he appeared with his wife, Empress Michiko, two sons and grandchildren behind bullet-proof glass before thousands of well-wishers waving flags.

Akihito, scheduled to make five such appearances at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Saturday, read a New Year’s statement in which he expressed his sympathy for people displaced from their homes and still living in temporary housing after the March 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in northeastern Japan.

Michiko, wearing a pinkish beige dress, waved to the crowd, estimated by public broadcaster NHK at 44,000.

Masako, wife of the crown prince who has made rare public appearances because of a stress-related illness, also joined this year’s New Year’s greeting, smiling in a deep blue dress.

01/01/2016 22:59  By: CTVNews