Three-alarm fire breaks out at vacant building on Jarvis


Firefighters were called to a three-alarm fire at a vacant building downtown on Monday morning.

The fire broke out on the west side of Jarvis Street, south of Carlton Street, before 5:30 a.m. The building was under construction and was boarded up in places.

Firefighters had trouble fighting the fire because several of the hydrants supplying water were frozen. At one point, firefighters were asked to leave the building over fears it may collapse.

“It’s very broken up inside,” Platoon Chief Trevor Trotter said at the scene.

“We are now trying to attack from the exterior.”

Trotter said crews did have issues with the hydrants. That did “hamper” efforts, he said, but they were able to relay water in from other hydrants.

No injuries have been reported. It’s not yet known how the fire started, or the cost of the damage.

04/01/2016 06:41  By: CityNews