TTC fare hike, subway service changes take effect Sunday…


Another TTC fare hike will take effect on Sunday, but subway access on that day of the week will also grow by an hour.

TTC commissioners approved the increases in November when they voted on their 2016 operating budget, which included a number of fare hikes to balance the books.

The transit commission will implement the following changes starting on Sunday:

  • A cash fare hike of 25 cents
  • A 10-cent increase to the price of a token
  • TTC subway service will start at 8 a.m. on Sundays, one hour earlier than the current 9 a.m. Sunday opening.

However, the price of Metropasses — which has seen a jump of 45 per cent in the past decade — will be frozen.

2016 also marks the final year of the Metropass, which will be turfed in favour of a Presto card. For more information on how Presto works, click here.


02/01/2016 10:50  By: CityNews