Amy Schumer hits back at Florida Donald Trump fans with an open letter


Amy Schumer opened her show in New York City on Tuesday by addressing the 200 Donald Trump supporters who walked out of her Tampa, Florida show last Sunday.

Schumer proved she doesn’t back down by upping the ante at Madison Square Garden, reading an open letter “apologizing” to the people who booed and walked out of the Tampa show.

“Dearest Tampa,” the Trainwreck star began. “I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. How could I think it was OK to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views?”

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On Sunday night, Schumer called Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster,” and when the comedienne began to break down why she doesn’t support him, nearly 200 people walked out.

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“After the show,” she continued to read her open letter, “I want you to know that I will go straight to a rehab facility that will teach me how to make all people happy — both the rich, entitled white people who are going to vote for him and the very poor people who’ve been tricked into it. And Tampa, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that he was an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster!”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Schumer joked. “I will never again say that he is an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster… never again!”

Schumer concluded with an endorsement of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“Honestly I am so grateful you are all here and I was grateful for everyone in that audience that night even the people that left. And I look forward to putting this all behind us in a couple weeks when Hillary Clinton is our motherf***ing president!”

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Before Tuesday night’s show, Schumer took to Instagram, posting that her New York show would be “squeaky clean” compared to the Florida performance.

She posted a picture introducing fellow comedians who would appear at her Madison Square Garden performance, captioning the photo with “And so are these gals! @RachelFeinstein @MarkNormand and I are putting on a squeaky clean show #MSG #TampaApologyTour.”

And so are these gals! @rachelfeinstein_ @marknormand and I are putting on a squeaky clean show #msg #tampaapologytour

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


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On Monday, Schumer released a statement to Vanity Fairsaying: “I loved the crowd and my show in Tampa last night! I want to thank the 8400 people who stayed. We had a great time! We have always depended on comedians to make us laugh and tell the truth. I am proud to continue that tradition.”

Schumer has not kept quiet about her political positions. She has pushed for stricter gun-control laws since 2015, with the help of her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer. She started that initiative when two women were killed after a man opened fire at a screening of her film Trainwreck in Louisiana.

In March, she announced that she supports Clinton, and on Oct.16, Schumer was registering voters in Florida while wearing a “Feminist for Hillary” button.

Schumer’s tour continues in Oakland, Calif. on Oct.20, with multiple Canadian tour dates coming over the next few months.