B.C. Hydro crews do a commendable job


We had a power failure last weekend. In our community, that is not unusual. There is only one five-kilometre-long road into it, through deep forest, and the hydro line runs along it. When the wind howls, we wait for the lights to wink out. And when they do, we know a B.C. Hydro line crew will be on the damage, ASAP. And while we’re waiting in the dark, we can call Hydro for a progress report on our job. So far, in more than a decade, they have restored the lights before their estimated time.

I have watched these crews at work — they are really good. They remind me of army combat engineering battalions. And during bad weather they are tactically deployed. This work is dangerous, and I have seen them working in the worst of weathers.

The other thing we all can be glad of is our first-rate wiring infrastructure. It is a world-class system. When you’re driving about, look at the Hydro poles. They are in excellent shape, wood or concrete. They are properly stepped and stayed, and really well maintained. The trucks and equipment are also the best. As is safety.

When I look at really scary and insane public wiring in other countries, I see how simple, but sophisticated and durable our electricity system is. Nikola Tesla would be proud. He invented the whole system.

You can whine all you want to about B.C. Hydro. I don’t.

Robert Matthews

Willis Point

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