Calgary police look for connection between two overnight home invasions


Calgary police say similar weapons and masks were used in separate overnight home invasions in the city that left two people in hospital.

The first break-in happened around 12:30 a.m. when three masked intruders armed with knives and bats burst into a home in the southwest neighbourhood of Springbank Hill.

One of three people inside suffered minor injuries.

The second invasion unfolded about two hours later when two masked men broke down the door at a home in the northeast Mayland Heights area.

A resident suffered serious injuries from a beating and stabbing.

No one has been arrested and police have not said if anything was taken from the homes.

Rene Decoteau, one of the victims of the Mayland Heights break-in, said the assailants surprised him and his roommate when they smashed through the front door as they were sleeping.

“I heard all this banging from downstairs. Next thing I know, the door came down and two guys came flying up the stairs. They held a 12-inch knife to my throat and started demanding money and weed,” he said.

Fearing that he might be stabbed, Decoteau told the suspects he didn’t have what they were seeking.

“My roommate got up and locked himself in the bathroom. They were patting me down and I thought he was going to cut my throat.”

The suspects assaulted him, once they found nothing, then went to the bathroom door, giving him time to escape.

Decoteau said he has no idea why his home was targeted.

“I’ve been here over a year. I didn’t know my roommate before I moved in. He’s crippled, I’m crippled. The only drugs I’ve got are what the doctor prescribed, same with him. This neighbourhood is getting crazy lately.” (CTV Calgary)

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