Cape Breton residents fill info session following devastating floods


Hundreds of people crammed into the Glace Bay Fire Department on Wednesday evening to look for answers following the Thanksgiving Day floods.

While some Cape Breton residents attempt to navigate the services available to them, at least one couple is pleased they will be getting some support.

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James and Carol Ann Bates’ home in Port Morien, N.S., was left hanging on the edge of a 20-foot washout following last week’s storm.

An information session — hosted by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) — brought together dozens of services under one roof. The goal was to connect frustrated residents with information about how to move forward following the floods.

The Bates say the province just informed them they will help them replace the embankment.

“I don’t know where the magical powers came from but it’s going to be looked after, so we’re happy about that,” said James Bates.



The Bates are still trying to navigate exactly how to go about fixing the damage inside their home.


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“As far as the rest of damage, we’re just waiting like everyone else to try and find out how we can get some help with that,” added Carol Ann Bates.

CBRM officials are encouraging anyone who hasn’t already registered with the municipalities help line to so.