Comment: Cars, bikes, walkers should share Shelbourne

The Saanich portion of Shelbourne Street that extends from North Dairy to Kenmore is, in real estate terms, a fixer-upper of a street. The location is great, the potential is great, but the way the street is now doesn’t work well for anyone.

For motorists, the street is an unattractive, utilitarian route to a destination, a traffic corridor to move through as quickly as possible. For cyclists, Shelbourne is the only flat street that runs from the Cedar Hill/Gordon Head area directly to and from downtown Victoria, but without dedicated bike lanes, it’s too risky for all but the most confident or foolhardy riders.

For pedestrians, and especially for anyone with a disability, the broken, narrow, uneven sidewalks that abut directly with the street are unsafe, and traffic noise hinders conversation. Transit riders must navigate these sidewalks as they make their way to bus stops.

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