Delay in Skaha Lake Park plans


    Many residents, particularly those who have been fighting the proposed development in Skaha Lake Park, have been eagerly waiting to hear what Trio marine group’s plans are.

    As originally planned, Penticton mayor and council do not plan to address the public about Trio Marine Group’s plans for the Skaha Lake Park marina expansion and water slide development at Tuesday’s council meeting.

    Mayor Andrew Jakubeit told Global News that Trio’s plan, which it received by the October 1 deadline, needed to be discussed by council before speaking to the public about it, and planned to make the plans public at today’s council meeting; however, Global News has learned that won’t be happening.

    A Penticton resident, Nelson Meikle, has filed one of the lawsuits against the city and amended it just last week to include some paperwork that showcased concerns about a lack of public consultation and no archaeological assessment done.

    It’s due to that change and the other lawsuit involving the Save Skaha Park Society group that Andrew Jakubeit says there is another delay in when Trio’s plans will be made public.

    “We are committed to bringing some clarity or closure on the issue before the month is over – it’ll be a press conference or special meeting – there will be something within the next two weeks on Skaha but it won’t be today,” said Penticton mayor, Andrew Jakubeit