Find a better way to deal with cougars


Re: “Don’t let cougars suffer big-cat fate,” column, Oct. 4.

I am really with Lawrie McFarlane on this one. I grew up on a small farm on the Island, and in the 1930s, as children, we learned to consider cougars as “bad.” Certainly those who lived on farms adjacent to timberlands had reasons to fear them, particularly if they were trying to keep sheep.

A local bounty hunter (I remember his name, but will not give it) and his dogs were effective in coming forward, and were respected and admired.

But this is the 21st century. Deliberately taking action that puts a species on the endangered list is not excusable. What has been done to find an alternative?

So let’s wake up and and reflect on what we see being done, and particularly what is not. Translocating tranquilIized cougars might not be the answer. If the sedative is ineffective, then get busy and find one, or an alternative method that is.

The simple, lazy way with a single shot is not acceptable in 2016. If data from elsewhere are not available, perhaps the Wildlife Branch might have to do some pioneering, and should be funded to do so.

J.A. Pelter


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