Five things to know about Justin Trudeau one year after Liberal election win

OTTAWA —  Canadians have no doubt learned a lot about Justin Trudeau in the year since he was elected prime minister. Here are five examples:

1. He plays his cards close to his chest. Before and during the election campaign, Trudeau would let you know where he stood on issues. Marijuana? Legalize it. Deficits? Down with it. Raise taxes on the top earners? Of course. But since coming to office, he has kept particular views to himself. On the specifics of building pipelines and electoral reform, for example, Trudeau doesn"t say what projects or voting system he backs. When asked about pipelines, Trudeau talks about the economy and environment going hand in hand, the need for social license and to work with aboriginal communities. "He"s a waffler in the grand Liberal tradition," says Nelson Wiseman, director of the Canadian Studies Program at the University of Toronto. Trudeau likely has about two years at the most to push one or two major issues before he heads into re-election mode. He has spent the past year watching his polling numbers stay high and building political capital. What will he spend it on?

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