‘Food for fines’ is feel-good nonsense


Re: “ ‘Food for fines’ pitched as way to cover unpaid parking tickets,” Oct. 12.

James Younger said he would feel better paying his unpaid parking tickets if he knew there was going to be some good come out of it.

He has apparently forgotten that he gets to live in a city that pays employees to ensure residents have access to running water and sewers, a city that provides police, fire, and ambulance services, a city that build roads, maintains parks, funds social programs, libraries, arenas and so much more.

Victoria cannot pay its employees and suppliers with canned goods.

When someone fails to pay their fines, guess who’s on the hook for it? Other taxpayers. Those are the people who honour their financial obligations and already make their own donations to the charities of their choice.

Instead of selfishly expecting others to cover his share and asking the city to add yet more bureaucracy, Younger should take responsibility for his actions, pay his tickets and make his own donation to a food bank.

I sincerely hope the mayor and councillors will remember the bigger picture and show some backbone instead of pandering to feel-good nonsense.

Lori Hamilton

Cobble Hilll

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