Former Saskatchewan deputy premier apologizes in legislature for drunk driving


Former Saskatchewan deputy premier Don McMorris has apologized to members of the legislature for driving drunk.

McMorris stood in the assembly for the first time since pleading guilty last month to having a blood-alcohol level over .08.

McMorris was driving a government car when he was pulled over by police the morning of Aug. 5 on the Trans-Canada Highway east of Regina.

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Court heard he had nearly 2 1/2 times the legal amount of alcohol in his system.

McMorris told the assembly that there’s no rationale for his actions.

“My actions there is no rationale and no excuses absolutely none for it so with that I apologize to the members of this house.” McMorris said.

The former health and highways minister resigned from cabinet and also left the Saskatchewan Party’s caucus, so he’s now sitting as an Independent in the legislature.