Guarantee seniors right to assisted dying


Re: “In promise of assisted death, woman finds peace,” Oct. 1.

I am in my 80s and in good health for my age. I have lived a good life, but I feel the gradual physical decline of my body. I know that within a few years or less, I will face misery and eventually an unpleasant departure from this world. I have seen it with my relatives.

Medically assisted death seems to me a reasonable alternative. To this end, I think that we in Canada — and perhaps in the western world in general — should consider the following:

The government would issue to each adult of sound mind, at the age of 75, a small certificate that would allow these seniors to request, at a time of their choosing, professional medical assistance in their death, either at home or at some specially established “departure lounge,” with family or alone or with a friend, quietly or in a festive setting.

Would it not be wonderful if we oldsters knew this option would be available to us, rather than having to contemplate jumping from a 10th-floor balcony, shooting oneself or running the car in the garage with the garage door closed — because living is simply becoming unbearable?

J.U. (Peter) Blumel


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