‘Internet Black Widow’ agrees to sign new peace bond after alleged breach


The elderly woman known as the “Internet Black Widow,” who gained notoriety for killing and poisoning her intimate partners, has agreed to sign a two-year peace bond at the end of the month.

Melissa Ann Shepard served more than two years in prison for spiking her new husband’s coffee with tranquilizers in 2013.

When she was released earlier this year, 22 conditions were placed on her, including a ban on internet access.

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In April, a police officer recognized Shepard trying to access the internet at the Halifax Central Library. She is scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court in February to answer to the three breach charges in relation to that incident.

Tuesday, Shepard was in court to try to have the conditions of her release changed.

The lawyers agreed to return to court on Oct. 31, when defence lawyer Paul Knox told the court his client will sign a two-year peace bond with many of the same conditions.

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In 1992, Shepard was convicted of manslaughter in the death of her second husband, Gordon Stewart. He was drugged and run over by a car twice near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

– With files from The Canadian Press