Investigators will consider all possible causes of fatal plane crash experts


VANCOUVER — Aviation experts say officials investigating the cause of last week”s fatal plane crash in British Columbia”s Interior will be considering all possible causes behind the incident.

A business jet bound for Calgary hit the ground shortly after taking off from Kelowna, B.C., killing all four people on board, including former Alberta premier Jim Prentice.

No distress call or signal was made as the Cessna Citation plummeted more than 2,600 metres, leading some observers to speculate on what happened.

Brendan Kapuscinski of Beyond Risk Management says officials at the federal agency use the SHELL model in their investigations, which stands for software, hardware, environment and liveware, which refers to any human involvement.

Retired aviation analyst Larry Vance spent 25 years with the Transportation Safety Board and he says it”s important at this point that investigators don”t hone in on any given explanation because of the risk of overlooking other evidence.

The aircraft wasn”t carrying an in-flight data or voice recorder, which a safety board spokesman says will make it challenging to determine a definitive reason for the crash.

The investigation is expected to take at least a year.