It’s important to support historic sites


Re: “A portrait of the artist,” Oct. 8.

Thank you for featuring Emily Carr House. The photos and text are so well done, and are sure to bring more local visitors to this special place.

I have been a volunteer for several years at another provincially owned National Historic Site in the capital region. I know how difficult it is to increase visitorship from local people. The sites, which belong to the people of B.C., are well known across the world by people with special interests in many areas, such as the arts, B.C. history, heritage gardens and the development of our country as we approach our sesquicentennial.

So the majority of our visitors are from out of B.C. That is the reason that an article like this can make a big difference. If our sites can have more local visitors, there is more likelihood of repeat visits, as locals bring friends and out-of-town visitors. People who are “from away” may not revisit Victoria for three or more years.

Most of the sites’ managers are approaching the end of their 15-year operating management agreement with the province. Financial sustainability options are being developed and reviewed. It is a difficult time. Having the article appear at this point will be of assistance in encouraging the people of Vancouver Island to visit, and to encourage their friends to also be supporters.

Thanks again for celebrating this historic site.

G.E. Simpson


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