McKenzie conversation seems to be one-way


Re: “Construction begins on $85M McKenzie interchange,” Sept. 30.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone reports that the most common question he hears is about traffic delays for commuters. Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell comments that consultation and input were “fulsome” for the project.

I have followed the process several times for submitting questions regarding the McKenzie interchange via the B.C. government website. I have not yet ever had a response (except for the “auto reply” message).

I had questions — about how many oaks and significant trees were being cut down in the forest across from Cuthbert Holmes Park to make way for the on-ramp. I had input, as I’m a citizen with a big stake in the neighbourhood, schools and environment in that area. I asked them whether they’d considered keeping the Galloping Goose Trail raised and closer to the three schools (since they have to raise and move it anyway to make way for the new traffic lanes they’re creating).

My idea would save many of the natural trees on the hillside, keep a natural buffer between the the schools and the new on-ramp, and create a more peaceful and less stressful trail running alongside the schools.

But whether my idea was good or bad, whether this strategy for protecting the environment, schools, cyclists and neighbourhood was too costly to invest within the massive $85-million budget or not, I never got a response.

I’m disheartened that this interchange conversation with the province seems to be a one-way street.

Brenda Weatherston


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