Montreal dietician Judy Campbell”s 19 favourite glutenfree recipes


Breakfast pancakes, a hot cheese muffin or a succulent brownie can become only a memory to those who live with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, says Judy Campbell, a Montreal dietitian and gluten-free diet specialist.

Cooking for her late father, who had a gluten-related disorder, Campbell, who is herself sensitive to gluten, has published a little book of her favourite gluten-free comfort-food recipes, in both English and French. She will sign copies Saturday at the Dorval shop Louise Sans Gluten, 475 Dumont Ave., #109, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Along with the 19 recipes in her book, called Baking & Brunch (Brunch et desserts in French; $16.99), Campbell includes her method of making baked goods taste as if they were made with regular flour by adding the mixture of dry ingredients in two stages and by using xanthan gum. She gives recipes for her three gluten-free flour mixtures, which you can make at home.

Creamed soups, chicken fingers, a seafood noodle casserole, a chocolate pouding chômeur and a cinnamon yeast bread are included by this culinary specialist who taught dietetic students nutritional and quantity food preparation for 18 years at McGill University’s school of dietetics and human nutrition. A board member of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Quebec chapter, she is also the Quebec food safety representative for TrainCan, editing training materials and administering food safety exams for restaurant employees, including the Tim Horton chain.

Campbell can be reached for gluten consultations at Louise Pearl, owner of Louise Sans Gluten, teaches gluten-free cooking at her shop; for information visit; email; 514-631-3434. She is selling the book, in either language. It is also available on Amazon.