NIMBYs want to hear from the IMBYs


I live on Pandora Avenue between Cook and Vancouver streets. I used to consider myself lucky because the wide, tree-filled median in front of our building reminded me of “les grands boulevards” of Europe where residents and tourists love to congregate.

Unfortunately, our “grand boulevard” on Pandora is the daily flophouse for drug users and homeless people who love to loll around on their blankets, complete with pillows, sleeping bags, suitcases, barking dogs, drugs, phones, iPads and stolen grocery carts full of “stuff.”

The daily boulevard experience involves drug-induced dancing and staggering (often in front of traffic), injecting or smoking controlled substances, sleeping, yelling, having sex and arguing, with garbage strewn all over. Then, after sundown, our private property is used as a bathroom and shooting gallery, with needles and more garbage left behind.

However when I dare complain about this, I hear “NIMBY!” from those who don’t live here. Clearly those people must be “IMBYs.” Therefore, before more housing for the homeless and a safe injection site are considered for the downtown, I’d like you IMBYs in other parts of Victoria to step forward and share your addresses with the boulevard dwellers. Please also let Our Place, Rich Coleman, Lisa Helps, Ben Isitt, Charlayne Thornton-Joe and the agencies that provide the needles, free meals and “stuff” know that you want these services in your back yard.

We NIMBYs are looking forward to an avalanche of helpful responses from the IMBYs who will put your properties and neighbourhoods where your mouths are.

Carole Small


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