No social good from LNG project


In many cases, when mega-projects require government approval and co-operation, there is an argument that pitches the general social good, and in particular the potential for job creation, against whatever environmental damage and other forms of disruption might occur.

In the case of the Pacific Northwest LNG pipeline, however, there is hardly any general social good even being postulated, only billions in private profit being funnelled to a small cabal of energy profiteers.

The proponents, a Malaysian fossil-fuel conglomerate, state openly that their intent is to use this pipeline to convey Canadian natural gas to the West Coast for shipment to Asian customers.

In other words, this pipeline has foreign interests on both ends, and is planning to traverse hundreds of kilometres of pristine wilderness, violate First Nations land, cross important wild rivers and risk the pollution of the precious British Columbia coast, all for the purpose of enriching a small number of oil barons and enabling the fossil-fuel addiction of other parts of the world.

Where is the benefit to ordinary Canadians? This project must not be allowed to go through.

John Marshall Mangan

Gabriola Island

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