Resources not being lost, just being conserved


Re: “When oil is landlocked, so is prosperity,” comment, Oct. 13.

The writer’s attitude is “locked” into 1960s thinking: Unless a resource is immediately exploited, there won’t be riches for the taking by this country, the fossil-fuel industries and their employees.

Today’s world has fossil fuels extracted by foreign corporations, shipped by petrodollar infrastructure and burned in foreign countries that increase global warming (hurricanes, floods, firestorms, drought, famine and disease), endangering our ocean’s habitat and decreasing the livability for all people on Earth.

There is the need for social re-evaluation away from burning oil, gas and coal to the climate-responsible attitude — training for sustainable, alternative technology usage. Solar, wind, tidal, wave, biomass and geothermal technologies could use a carbon tax to bring clean energy online. We need to clean up our planet from two-and-a-quarter centuries of fossil fuels so our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren won’t suffer the vagaries of climate change.

The resources aren’t lost, they’re just being conserved.

Rafe Sunshine


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