Safe-injection sites should provide drugs


Re: “Municipal politicians wrestle with fallout from overdose crisis,” Sept. 28.

Safe-injection sites, modelled on Vancouver’s Insite, will soon be a reality in Victoria.

The justification for these is that they reduce harm to the addict. On the other hand, it can be argued that they act as enablers so that the addict can avoid responsibility for his actions.

We should note that the drug addict has to bring his or her own drug to the site. In most cases, the drug will have been purchased on the street. These drugs are often contaminated, most recently with fentanyl.

The addict often has to commit property crimes to obtain the money for the drug; the money goes to drug gangs, which are responsible for a majority of homicides in B.C. Unfortunately, our legal system, which comprises police, judges and politicians, has been ineffective at eliminating the illegal drug trade.

Although I am in favour of compulsory drug rehabilitation, I am aware that the majority of our decision-makers are opposed to that, on the grounds that it takes away individual freedom.

Therefore, reluctantly, I suggest that the safe-injection sites should provide free drugs for confirmed addicts. Then there would be no problem with contaminated drugs, property crime would be reduced and the drug gangs would go out of business.

Kenneth Mintz


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