SNCLavalin fined $75K for generating electricity at Toronto airport without a licence


TORONTO — SNC-Lavalin has been fined $75,000 for operating a gas-fired electrical generating plant at Toronto Pearson International Airport for the past 10 years without a licence.

The Ontario Energy Board says it inspected SNC-Lavalin’s operations and maintenance facilities at the Toronto airport “after it became known” the company was generating electricity without a licence.

The provincial agency has not said how it finally learned about an electrical generation facility that had been in operation for a decade.

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The Greater Toronto Airport Authority says the generation facility supplies power to the airport, “typically during the heat of summer,” and to help manage demand and keep a steady power flow during interruptions from the local municipalities.

The GTAA says power generated at the airport is sold back to the provincial grid when demand for electricity is high.