Toronto company launches campaign to #TellAmericaItsGreat


As Donald Trump continues to campaign for the U.S. presidency with the message “Make America Great Again,” a Toronto advertising agency has launched its own campaign calling on Canadians to share positive messages about that country.

The Garden recently unveiled Let’s Tell America It’s Great with the Twitter hashtag #TellAmericaItsGreat hashtag and a YouTube video of various Canadians sharing what they like about the United States.

“We started to realize that it was getting pretty negative. Every day we came in and it was just getting a little bit intense,” Shane Ogilvie, co-founder of The Garden, told Global News Tuesday.

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“We didn’t just want to pile on and contribute to the negative theme. We wanted to give – in a very Canadian way – people here in Canada to partake in a more positive approach.”

Ogilvie said the campaign isn’t about the candidates but more about the general negativity of the campaign

“From our perspective and through the eyes of this campaign, we just want America to go into the election making a decision from the right head space knowing that they’re maybe not as bad as some people are making them believe,” he said.

The campaign has gained traction on social media and has been covered by international media outlets.

Ogilvie said the comments submitted have been “pleasantly surprising” and wide-ranging.

“Everything from people being sort of silly and fun talking about favourite breakfast cereals to things like free speech and America’s approach to problem solving and their diversity.”

Since launching, appreciative Americans have been responding with their own messages and the hashtag #TellCanadaThankYou.