Trudeau shows little concern for public opinion


The epidemic of political correctness has reached absurd proportions. Take, for example, the absurdity of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals changing the wording of our cherished national anthem to a gender-neutral version.

In the absence of any pressing outcry for change to our anthem and with much more pressing priorities such as the economy, high unemployment, rising deficits and national security, the government would be hard-pressed to explain the rationale of rushing this bill through.

Many of the advocates for changing the wording of our anthem bought into the false narrative that “in all thy sons command” was somehow discriminatory against women. This reasoning ignores a certain poetic language of the past where “sons” included “daughters” and was in no way meant to discriminate.

So now we are left with the lyrics “in all of us command” replacing “in all our sons command” and a sloppy, ungrammatical and embarrassing national anthem as a second-rate token of appeasement.

The question an increasing number of Canadians want answered is whether Trudeau’s vision for Canada is one they share. Do we have a prime minister who understands that the primary role of any prime minister should be one of nation-building and ensuring the safety and security of our citizens?

In their first year of power, Trudeau and the Liberals have shown little concern for public opinion, the will of the majority or our historic roots, and a surprising loyalty to the United Nations, globalist elites and political correctness.

Gerald Hall

Nanoose Bay

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