Turcot Day 2 Rain does nothing to help congestion


After a lighter than expected Monday morning rush-hour commute on Highway 20, things were a little worse for those heading downtown via the Ville-Marie Tuesday morning.

At 8 a.m., traffic was backing up all the way to the Highway 138 merge, which is before the Angrignon overpass. On Monday, traffic rarely passed the Angrignon overpass.

Tuesday’s rain is not helping matters on the highway. 

The chaos is the result of the next phase of the Turcot Interchange revamp picking up speed.

As of Sunday, one of two lanes on the ramp from Highway 20 east to the Ville-Marie east was closed until early 2018. During morning rush hour, the ramp is used by 3,600 cars per hour.

As part of the $3.7-billion Turcot project, part of the Ville-Marie (Highway 720) is being demolished. In its place will be a new highway, to be known as Route 136.