Wall says climate change money shouldn”t go to developing countries


REGINA – Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall wants Ottawa to spend billions of dollars earmarked to help developing countries tackle climate change at home instead.

Wall says the cash should go toward research in Canada that could reduce global emissions.

The premier says Saskatchewan has already laid the groundwork with a carbon-capture facility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a coal-fired power plant.

But Greenpeace Canada says research shows carbon capture and storage is one of the most expensive ways to reduce emissions.

Wall has repeatedly criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau”s plan to charge 10 dollars per tonne of carbon starting in 2018 and increasing to 50 dollars by 2022.

Wall says a carbon tax would hurt the backbone of Saskatchewan”s economy — energy, mining and agriculture — while having the least impact on reducing emissions.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation backs Wall, saying a carbon tax doesn”t work and hasn”t reduced emissions in British Columbia.