WATCH Wisconsin cop nearly run over after stopping to help motorist with flat tire


If there’s a lesson to be gleaned here, it’s this: please pay close attention whenever you’re behind the wheel. Doubly so when a police cruiser with its lights on is pulled over to the side.

A Wisconsin police officer’s dashboard camera captured a scary near miss Tuesday when her squad car was hit from behind while pulled over to the side of the road.

Luckily, Officer Hilary Lundberg with the Hudson, Wisc., police department was out of her vehicle at the time, assisting a motorist with a flat tire – and narrowly avoided the collision which totalled her cruiser.

“I was just thankful my officer is alive and not injured,” Marty Jensen, chief of the Hudson Police Department, told KARE-11 News in Milwaukee.

According to the Hudson Police Department, Lundberg pulled over to the left hand side of a bridge on Interstate 94 Monday morning to assist a motorist with a flat tire. The department said the emergency lights were on in Lundberg’s vehicle as it was pulled over.

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Dashboard camera footage from inside Lundberg’s car shows what took place shortly afterwards. Lundberg is seen backing away into the concrete divider for a few seconds, before her car is sent flying – struck from behind by a fast-moving Ford Taurus.

The impact sent Lundberg’s cruiser flying across four lanes of traffic.

“She looks up and sees the car coming and she’s got basically no place to go because there’s a gap between the two bridges.  So if she were to jump over the ledge, there’s a chance she would fall into the river,” Jensen said.

Police are releasing the footage in hopes of warning other drivers to pay more attention on the road, especially as police and other emergency vehicles go.

“The officer was not in the squad car at the time of the accident and no one was injured,” the department wrote on their Facebook page. “Please remember to slow down and move over when you see an emergency vehicle with its emergency lights on.”

The driver of the Ford Taurus sustained non-life-threatening injuries.