Will other groups receive if they just ask?


How long have the Syrian refugees been here? A couple of months or so? And now an Islamic Academy has been proposed for School District No. 51 by the Islamic community, I presume at the general public’s expense.

Why would the Muslims want to have a classroom in a public school to teach their faith and language to children from kindergarten to Grade 6 about things that I’m sure are already taught at home?

How about a class to teach the Christian faith and proper English and French since these are the bulk of people who have made this Canada a great nation? Just wondered, is the Battle of the Plains of Abraham taught in our school system?

What comes next? Will they be asking to have a prayer room for their children to pray in several times a day? What will the other children do while waiting for them to come back from prayer?

Does this mean that we will be having the Lord’s Prayer in public schools and in other public places “if we just ask,” as well as scenes at Christmas time (you know, the time we celebrate the birth of Christ).

What sickens me as much as anything are the condescending (for the lack of a better word or one that the paper would print) Canadians who will bend over backwards for votes or to appear to be new-age thinkers and can’t or won’t take a lesson from what is happening all over Europe.

This time asked, next time demanded.

Arlene Butler


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