Penticton middle school class spread hope through public art


A grade seven art class at KVR Middle School in Penticton is spreading words of kindness– quite literally.

“We made little clay-like stars and shapes and we glazed them and then we put magnets on the back and we are putting them all around town,” student Lilly Begg said.

The students embarked on a public art project, creating ceramic magnets meant to spread hope, acceptance and love.

On Thursday they hit the streets of downtown Penticton, sticking their ceramic art to metal surfaces.

“I was inspired by a project that was done about five years ago and it was a similar project called Finders Keepers, an artist created hearts and put them all over Granville Island, so I was feeling quite sad after the mosque shooting and I was realizing that I needed to do something.” art teacher Lindsey Mennell said.

If you find one of these magnets you’re welcome to take it home or leave it where it is.

The students set up Facebook and Instagram ( @hunting4hopepenticton )  pages for the project.

They’re asking that if you find a magnet, take a picture and upload it to social media using the hashtag #Hunting4HopePenticton