Province noncommittal on factor of cost for corruption inquiry


The Pallister government would not say unequivocally Thursday that cost will not be a factor in weighing a decision on a potential public inquiry into corruption allegations over the police headquarters and other major city projects.

Mayor Brian Bowman is asking city council next week to request a wide-ranging public inquiry into allegations about members of council, city staff, and persons doing business with city hall.

<p>Manitoba Minister of Justice Heather Stefanson.</p>
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Manitoba Minister of Justice Heather Stefanson.

“When the criminal investigation is concluded, we would support any and all steps, including a public inquiry, necessary to properly determine all the facts and give Manitobans confidence in municipal government tendering. The provincial government should show leadership and give Winnipegers confidence that they will respond to this important matter,” Swan said.


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Section 83 of the Manitoba Evidence Act, which also covers the power of a commissioner to compel witnesses to testify:




Appointment of commission

83(1) Where the Lieutenant Governor in Council deems it expedient to cause inquiry to be made into and concerning any matter within the jurisdiction of the Legislature and connected with or affecting

(a) the good government of the province or the conduct of any part of the public business thereof;

(b) the conduct of any provincial institution or of any institution within the province receiving provincial aid;

(c) the administration of justice within the province;

(d) the election of a member to the Legislative Assembly or any alleged attempt to corrupt a candidate at any such election, or a member of the Legislative Assembly after his election, or the payment or contribution for campaign or other political purposes, or for the purpose of obtaining legislation or obtaining influence and support for franchises, charters, or any other rights or privileges, from the Legislature or the Government of Manitoba by any person;

(e) the affairs of any municipality, municipal district, or corporation, existing for any municipal purpose; or

(f) any matter which, in his opinion, is of sufficient public importance to justify an inquiry;

he may, if the inquiry is not otherwise regulated, appoint one or more commissioners to make the inquiry and to report thereon.

Altering commission

83(2) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may revoke, modify, or enlarge, the scope of any commission.