While you were sleeping The loss of Stuart McLean, #Resist via sport, name change for reconciliation, and the mystery of the disappearing chicken

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    We all mourn: Stuart McLean, the bestselling author and soft-spoken humorist whose gentle celebration of life’s biggest and smallest moments endeared him to legions of faithful listeners of CBC Radio’s The Vinyl Cafe, has died. He was 68. Tributes immediately poured in from fellow entertainers, broadcasters and fans who were quick to salute McLean’s heartfelt aims to unite Canadians in a way that helped us understand each other, no matter our backgrounds. Fellow CBC veteran Peter Mansbridge called McLean a master storyteller who helped shape the public broadcaster and reach the country’s furthest corners: “I can remember many times when we were together that he’d just start telling stories, it could be a story about something that happened in the news the day before or something at work the day before, but he’d tell it in that magical way and you’d sit there totally involved in the way he told them.”

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