American friends, we can feel your despair


I am truly sorry for my American friends and colleagues, and other liberal thinking intellectuals living in the States under the Trump Administration.

With Jeff Sessions lying under confirmation questioning, I see Sessions and the Trump administration, have only three options, none of which are good.

First, Sessions is either ignorant or sloppy, in that he did not know who he was meeting with, the Russian ambassador, or did not know, even as a member of the Arms Services Committee that U.S. intelligence agencies monitor all such conversations. In either way, he demonstrates a lack of knowledge for any high-ranking position.

Second, Sessions is either stupid or incompetent, not understanding the clear questions asked of him during the confirmation to be the attorney general, not knowing he was under oath, or not knowing what perjury is. Again, either way he is clearly not qualified to hold high office.

Finally, Sessions is either deceitful or dishonest; being neither ignorant nor stupid, he clearly knew what he was doing, understood the questions, and intentionally lied under oath. They believe they are smarter than the rest of us, and can deceive us with denial and obstruction.

It would seem the Trump administration is suffering from all of these, and we must continue to question their capacity to govern. To my U.S. friends, we feel your despair and hope with you, that in time, justice will prevail.

Richard Dewey


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