City confident snow cleanup will be complete by Wednesday night


Nearly a week after a snowstorm shut down Montreal’s roads, airports and schools, the city says its on pace to wrap up snow-removal operations by Wednesday night.

As of Monday night, 85 per cent of the job was complete — with boroughs like Anjou, Outremont and St. Leonard having cleared all their streets and sidewalks. While most of the 19 boroughs are at least 80 per cent done, the Sud Ouest was lagging somewhat with 65 per cent of its streets cleared.

The borough has had well-documented problems with its main snow-removal contractor, Pavage d’Amours. Last month the city cancelled its five-year contract with Pavage d’Amours after a series of complaints and $150,000 in fines for property damage and clearing delays.

“We’re following Pavage d’Amours minute by minute. We’re not letting up,” said Philippe Sabourin, a spokesperson for the city. “The Sud Ouest has also taken measures to ensure the job gets done on time.”

During operations between March 16 and March 20, Sud Ouest borough mayor Benoit Dorais struck a deal that allowed residents to park their vehicles in the parking lots of grocery stores and other businesses after hours.

“We’re confident that we’ll be done at the latest Wednesday night,” Sabourin said. “There haven’t been many accidents or major incidents, but we’re getting into those last few streets, the narrow, more challenging ones. We’d ask that residents remain vigilant, that they don’t approach the snow plows or put their garbage bins in snow banks.”