Pitt Meadows woman will lose hands and feet after dangerous Strep infection


A Pitt Meadows woman is fighting for her life in hospital after contracting a debilitating illness that will leave her without any hands or feet.

At first, Danielle Linfoot thought she’d come down with a bad case of the flu, but after three days, she became critically ill and was rushed to hospital with barely no heartbeat. She was put on life support and given a 50/50 chance to live.

“I was talking to her, saying goodbye. All of a sudden, her stats started going up. I didn’t realize, when a nurse came running in and said, ‘What are you saying to her? Keep talking because it’s working,”” said Shawn, Danielle’s common-law husband.

Linfoot has now been in hospital for eight weeks after contracting a Streptococcus A infection that almost killed her. While she survived the infection, the tissue in both of her hands and feet did not.

She has been told they will need to be amputated.

“Actually a doctor came in today and wanted to do my left leg tomorrow, but I told them I wasn’t ready,” Linfoot told Global News. “I’m thankful to be here, glad I get to see my kids graduate, get married. So, that’s all I’m fighting for.”

Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising money to support the family in the coming months.

“Everybody’s been so fantastic. I can’t believe how generous people are,” Linfoot said.