Political donations need to be limited now


Re: “Watchdog investigating donations to B.C. Liberals,” March 7.

Premier Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberals have been the recipients of sizable contributions from the corporate world. Were this not bad enough, it also appears that these donations may have even enabled our premier to augment her personal income.

Clark made some predictably disingenuous comments about new measures to increase transparency, as though this should assuage our fears that our provincial government might be for sale to the highest bidder. Political parties are supposed to compete for our votes based on the quality of their ideas, not the strength of their bank accounts.

One need only look to the cesspool that is American federal politics to comprehend the folly of allowing big money into politics. British Columbia must take immediate steps to ban political contributions from corporations and labour unions, and severely limit those from private individuals.

The people of British Columbia have a right to know that those they elect are not feathering their own nests or rigging the game in their favour. The only thing transparent about Clark’s conduct, or her recent comments, is her abject cynicism. She would do well to recall that she serves at our pleasure.

Greg Longphee


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