Relax, Ontario, especially the media our kids are not gunning each other down every day

Despite what you may have read or heard on the news this morning, if you’re a parent in Ontario, your child is probably not going to be shot today. Sadly, your media seems set on convincing you otherwise.

A new study came out Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It reported that over a five-year period (2008-2012), an average of 355 “youths” in Ontario were injured or killed in a firearms-related incidents per year, or almost one per day. (Suicides apparently excluded.) It was full of interesting information and findings — a good piece of scholarship. But how it was reported in the media got it largely wrong, certainly in terms of tone. Because the survey, while certainly telling tragic tales, isn’t nearly as alarming as is being portrayed, and the best solution to the problem — and there is one — isn’t likely to find much public support.

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