Rona Ambrose wants to see ‘out of control’ spending halted in next Liberal budget


Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose says that the Liberal government’s spending is “out of control” and that the government should instead help reduce Canadians’ cost of living.

During the election, Ambrose said in an interview on The West Block, Trudeau promised a $10 billion deficit. The fall economic update, released in November, projected a deficit of almost $31 billion by the end of the fiscal year.

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“What happened is [Trudeau] went on a massive spending spree,” said Ambrose. “He’s almost tripled the deficit and we still haven’t seen those infrastructure projects that we hoped would create those jobs. And on top of that we’ve seen taxes go up.”

“I don’t think that is frankly fair to the taxpayers of Canada that they have to pay for his priorities instead of him focusing on their priorities,” she said.

She also criticized the Liberal government for removing various tax credits put in place by the Conservatives, such as credits for children’s fitness classes.

“I feel like Mr. Trudeau has been nickel-and-diming people to try and find the money that he needs to spend on his priorities when Canadians are saying, ‘What about us? We need help.’”

However, when asked which specific budget items should be cut to save money, Ambrose offered no examples.

The federal budget will be announced on March 22.

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