Spring cleaning how to organize your closet, cupboard space


WINNIPEG — It’s the first day of spring. The change in season means you may be thinking of organizing your clothes and getting a handle on your clutter.

But where do you begin?

The first step it to write out a vision of what you would like each area of your home to look like, according to professional organizer, Susan Macaulay from Clarity Over Clutter. Once you have a vision you can start working on a plan, she said.

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Another tip to consider is implementing the to-do list.

“A to-do list is just a wish list until you schedule it,” she said. “Always schedule your to-do list or it does not get done.”

One space at a time

Once you write out a list the next step is to start in once small area. For example: organizing an area you would see the results in almost every day to help motivate you to continue. This can be the front hall closer or the main entrance in your house, Macaulay said.

Next is to get a large box and three bags.

  • A clear bag for donations for soft goods (such as towels).
  • A box for hard good items you want to donate (such as electronics).
  • A black for garbage,
  • A blue bag for recycling.

“The reason why you distinguish with the differences, is if everything is in black bags you may throw something out that is really not meant to be,” she said.

You should also have some post it notes, packing tape, a sharpie and even a label maker. As labelling storage boxes is a good way to save time and space, Macaulay added.

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Take all of your items out of your cupboard and put it in groupings on a flat surface. If you are going to donate then put the item into the proper bag or box. At this point, Macaulay said you want to wipe your cupboard when it’s empty.

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What to get rid of

“Try to start with the category of ‘can I donate this?”” Macaulay said. “If not, can I recycle it or put it in the garbage? Your final category to ask yourself is ‘can I keep it?””

Another helpful tip is to ask yourself, ‘what am I really using?’ For example, if you have bread maker and only used it once and would rather use your hands or don’t even make bread.

Macaulay said we usually only use 20 per cent our stuff 80 per cent of the time. “If you have ten pairs of pants… you are probably only going to wear your favourite three pairs.”


When going through your clothing, you should organize them one theme at a time (tackling sleeveless shirts first). Macaulay said you should then ask yourself, “is this something I don’t wear anymore?”

Once you have edited out the clothing items you don’t want then your can fold it up and organize it.

When organizing your shirts in your dresser, Macaulay suggests facing them upward so you can easily see it.

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Some people use dressers and others have walk in closets. If you use a drawer, fold your clothing into four and then leave the fold upward – that way it is easy to see what you have. Make sure to organize your clothing on colour groupings as well, Macaulay said.

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But the key is to have fun during the process and not to act like it’s a chore, she added.

“Listen to music that will motivate you and have a candy in the room you can treat yourself to, she said. “Keep it positive.”